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A stress-free recruitment process

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A shortlist of high-calibre candidates

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A specialist

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Is this what trying to fill an NDT position normally looks like for you?

Sifting through a ton of CVs that are just not relevant for the role you need to fill

Having to cover the expense of training new employees who don't have all the skills required to fulfil the role.

Spending valuable time trying to work out which applicants have the most appropriate mix of qualifications & experience

Struggling to find temporary workers with the relevant skills & experience to cover holidays or heavy workloads

Wasting even more time interviewing applicants that turn out to not be a good fit for your organisation

Dealing with recruitment agencies who don't have the specialist knowledge required to understand your specific NDT needs

That's frustrating! But, you're not alone.

One of our clients had been looking for the right NDT specialist for nearly two years. We found him two strong candidates in two weeks.
He employed them both!

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Finding the right people with the right experience for your organisation shouldn't be so hard.

Your time is valuable. Here's how we help you avoid wasting it!

From sifting through CVs and holding first interviews to negotiating contracts, we do all the time-consuming stuff, so you don't have to.

We'll only send you candidates who have the right skills and experience for the role. People who can hit the ground running when they join your organisation.

We can help write your job descriptions & ads. Our in-depth knowledge of the technicalities & applications of NDT means we understand what you need.

We can set up interviews for you across multiple countries and time zones. Our services are designed to make the whole recruitment process stress-free for you.

Our vast network of NDT specialists, from highly qualified technicians to senior management, means you don't have to waste time searching for them.

We know the importance of a good cultural fit too. We look beyond the certifications, to find candidates who will be a valuable asset to your team.

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We specialise in the following sectors

Oil & Gas

Trusted by small companies & large global organisations, including Oceaneering - one of the largest NDT employers in the world.

Paul provided a fast, reliable, affordable and highly professional service to me when I was seeking to hire senior advanced NDT specialists to grow my global business. He took time to understand and refine my requirements and play them back in the form of concise written notes - recognizing my time pressures.

Leveraging his contacts, search skills, industry knowledge and decades of proven experience; he took considerable hassle out of the process by sifting, interviewing and shortlisting candidates for Asia and Australia that were so good I ended up hiring more people than I'd planned!

I was particularly grateful for his strong organizational and communication skills throughout the process - he certainly went the extra mile to make my life as easy as possible - including arranging interviews in multiple countries and time-zones.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul and we will certainly be reaching out to him for senior and junior staff in the near future.

Bradley Wright CEng MSc (gw) MIET MAPM, Global Technology Services Director, Oceaneering
My experience of working with Paul and Derek was exceptional. From the initial contact until the completion of the contract negotiations, they consistently worked in the interests of everyone to achieve the best outcome for all involved. They kept me updated with feedback throughout and always respected my circumstances and wishes. Their knowledge and experience of NDT allows them to match the right candidate with the ideal role or organisation. For a reliable, considerate service, with recruiters who genuinely care and understand your requirements, I would recommend NDT Resources Ltd.
Colin Ballingall- UT Technician - Terma Aerostructures
We are very happy and pleased to have both Denise as a permanent position and Colin as a contractor hired by us.

They are both doing an excellent job…

It has been very easy to integrate them on the NDI team…

The period of training was short because of their skills and they were therefore very quickly integrated in the production.

It is a pleasure to have them here and it has been a very good investment for Terma A/S

Per Dahlmann- Production Manager of Terma Aerostructures (Denmark)

We make finding the right candidate decidedly uncomplicated

1. Review

Our process starts with understanding your organisation's specific needs and the full nature & breadth of the NDT role you need to fill.

2. Recruit

We'll then leverage our contacts, industry knowledge and decades of proven experience to find the right candidates for you.

3. Rejoice

Together we'll ensure it's a win-win, as we help you recruit someone who will add value and be a great fit for your organisation

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Dealing with recruitment agencies used to frustrate the hell out of me!

Paul morgan

As a highly-qualified NDT technician myself for many years, I know how frustrating it is when recruiters lack a sufficient knowledge of the complexities and applications of NDT. After all, without that understanding, they'll struggle to know which candidates are best suited to the roles they're recruiting for.

I saw a real need in the industry for an agency with an in-depth knowledge of all major NDT methods, certifications and product technologies, across various industrial sectors.

I established NDT Resources in 2015 to meet that need. I knew, with my experience and vast network, I could efficiently and successfully connect the right candidates with the right roles.

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Want To Get Into Aerospace?

Want To Get Into Aerospace?

NDT Technicians, or those new to the industry: want to get into the aerospace sector but not sure how?

Although it was on its knees, aerospace is taking off again (excuse the pun) and resuming its growth in OEM (manufacturers) and MRO facilities (maintenance, repair and overhaul) around the world. I've put together a little technical guide for those who are interested, and it goes as follows:

Where to target your training

Most aircraft fuselage and flying control surfaces are now made of composite materials (CFRP). There is a real shortage of Ultrasonic and Radiography (UT & RT) technicians who understand how composite parts are manufactured and thus what faults may be inherent during manufacture and in service use. So, I would recommend getting into this area. This would also be a springboard into Formula 1.

An NDT Recruiter with a Global Reach

An NDT Recruiter with a Global Reach

NDT Resources has helped recruit personnel for positions around the world before now. Our new association with NPAworldwide greatly improves that reach and builds sensitivity to local conditions into our offering.

Who are NPAworldwide?

NPAworldwide is a global recruitment network facilitating placements between its members. The network has more than 550 member offices across 6 continents.

Benefits of our membership

Partnering with such a group greatly enhances our client reach and adds in-country employment knowledge and expertise.

NDT Recruiter or General Recruiter - Which One Should I Choose?

NDT Recruiter or General Recruiter - Which One Should I Choose?

The process of appointing a new Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Technician can be incredibly complex and time-consuming. For certain roles and locations, it can take companies months, even years, to find the right NDT candidate, reducing their outputs and putting added stress on their existing workforce in the process.

It's not uncommon for an NDT hirer to appoint a general recruiter, normally within the engineering sector, to fill their post.

However, while this may seem like the usual option, it's not the most effective one

Limited or non-existent knowledge of NDT among general recruiters means there's often a disconnect between employers' needs and the recruiter's understanding of what's required. This, in turn, can lead to employers being presented with candidates who simply aren't right for the role.

We are an NDT recruitment agency that truly understands NDT!
Let us make the recruitment process easy for you.