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First published 21 Oct, 2015

NDT Resources Ltd is proud to announce its entry into the

Non-destructive Testing recruitment market.

We understand non-destructive testing

We offer something different for both the employee and employer in the field of non-destructive testing.

What makes us the preferred option for employers of NDT personnel?

Expert knowledge of NDT processes

Because of our expert knowledge of NDT methodology, practice and certification, we offer a more targeted approach to the sourcing of NDT personnel – no more piles of irrelevant CVs to sift through.

What do we offer employees that are placed through NDT Resources?

Our candidates can expect on-going support in areas that you wouldn't expect from other recruitment agencies.

Because we understand NDT methodology and certification, we are able to determine if you have the right credentials; if so, we can produce a cogent case to get you past the recruitment agent or HR person who, in all probability, does not.

Within our company resides many years of hands-on experience in the application of NDT in various industrial sectors, most notably in aerospace.

Coupled with this experience is an in-depth knowledge of all major methods and certification regimes.

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