Thoughts on the Lock Down - Part 1 Workload

Despite the pandemic we at NDT Resources have been kept busy – thankfully. Travel restrictions have certainly had an impact and the use of video calls has seen a steep rise – more on both later (video calls in Part 2). So, what are our current projects?

The first thing that becomes apparent is that they're all from clients outside of the UK. So, in no particular order:


This has been a long journey. Necessarily so, because my Norwegian client wants my help to establish a worldwide sales and marketing team for their innovative, ultrasonic testing equipment. I have also been assisting them to set up a UK-based subsidiary.

But first we needed to find the person to provide direction and control for the whole effort - a Commercial Director.

We're at the last hurdle now and my client's major backer and senior management team want to meet their final choice, to satisfy themselves that he is really what they're looking for. Once this individual is in place, I will be working closely with him to help build upon their current sales and aftermarket team.

Travel restrictions between the UK and Norway are still limited and but virtually the whole of Norway goes on holiday for the month of July. I'll have to be patient a little while longer!


Through my membership of NPAworldwide (see my blog dated 02 Jun 20 for further details), I am working with two recruitment partners to fill the following positions:

  • 2 x NDT Level IIIs
  • 2 x NDT Level IIs.

It has been extremely interesting talking to my partners and potential US candidates (one currently in the Middle East) and to understand a little bit more about the places that they would work in: Charleston, SC and near Memphis, TN.

I quickly found and interviewed a Level III candidate for my first partner, which he subsequently offered to his client. They were so impressed, they then asked him to source two Level II UT technicians. Good result for both of us!


Finding somebody who wants to work in Formula 1 would be easy, you would think. Not so, if you consider that this is for an NDT technician with 5 methods and experience of inspecting carbon composite materials (surprisingly rare). That's in addition to the personal and other professional qualities that they would need.

It does help that I have worked in Formula 1 and can talk authoritatively about the role to candidates and understand what the team are looking for.

I'm quite confident that I have found who they are looking for and two video interviews later, I feel the team feels the same way.

Nevertheless, as in the Norway job (or any other), you can't beat the face-to-face meeting for all parties to be happy with each other. Unfortunately, my candidate is currently in Saudi Arabia and the team are in northern Italy. To date, travel restrictions apply to flights. So, another ‘Hurry up and wait'!

Spain, Norway, Canada, Thailand & Australia

I've clumped these together because proceedings are still at an early stage. I have spent most of my time making numerous, potential partners aware of what NDT is and why they should consider entering this large job market. They know their regions and can source clients; I know about NDT and can source candidates.

All I can say is that it has made for some interesting time slots in which to talk.

Contact us if you're an NDT employer or an NDT candidate and want to benefit from our enhanced services.

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