Success for Dolphitech and Their New CCO

Find Someone to Lead Our Global NDT Equipment Sales Drive

Such was a client's request to us and, finally, after an extensive search and many calls and interviews later, my Norwegian client is thrilled to welcome their new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). I have had the pleasure of talking to some incredibly talented individuals in the NDT Equipment Sales and Support space – some may find themselves occupying roles in the future as my client expands globally. Indeed, the run-off between the last two candidates (over three video interviews) was especially close.

So, who is my client? Dolphitech is based in southern Norway, headed up by Ole Johan Gillebo. They design and manufacture revolutionary ultrasonic inspection equipment and are confident of worldwide success in the many industrial sectors that require this inspection mode, for example, aerospace, energy, automotive, maritime and many others. They are starting from a relatively low base and wanted someone to oversee their global expansion. The senior team decided that they needed a recruiter that understood NDT UT applications within various sectors and to be able to talk authoritatively with them and prospective candidates. NDT Resources was chosen, and we now have exclusive rights to help build their sales and equipment support teams around the world. Knowledge of NDT was particularly important to them – they wanted their CCO to be not only an accomplished salesperson and leader with a strategic vision, but who could also have a good command of the technology, sector applications and the NDT equipment marketplace.

Since initially being contacted early in February this year and a subsequent visit to their premises in Gjøvik, Sara Mahdavi (Dolphitech COO) and I have been working assiduously to find the right person. Due to the pandemic and resultant restrictions on air travel (imposed not long after my visit), we (or should I say I) have had to get to grips with the new norm of communication – the now ubiquitous video call. Luckily travel restrictions were relaxed not long ago to enable the last choice candidate to travel to Norway for a three-day meeting with all Dolphitech's senior stakeholders. This was an indispensable part of the recruitment process for both parties, as nothing beats the physical face-to-face and sometimes off-guarded interaction between people who were able to reassure themselves that they could work together on a professional and personal basis.

So, here's to the growing success of the Dolphicam2, under the aegis of a dynamic, highly experienced, and knowledgeable Chief Commercial Officer!

As always, if you want to let someone else to take the load of recruitment off your shoulders and who understands NDT, then please feel free to contact me for a confidential, no obligation chat. Our fees are really quite reasonable!

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