Thoughts on the Lockdown - Part 2 Video Calls

Thoughts on the Lockdown - Part 2 Video Calls

It is fair to say that a lot of these positions would have been filled by now, if candidates and clients could have had the opportunity to meet face-to-face. Video calls are useful, but, in a way, it's like looking at each other through a narrow tube; the constricted views and less than clear speech and the necessity to abide by voice procedure (not talking over each other) doesn't lead to a natural conversation – people don't have full access to the signals and cues that give a fuller picture (literally) of the other person. And, of course, there is no opportunity for a candidate to look around an employer's premises and meet future co-workers. It is only after this essential step, that hirers and candidates have the insight they need to make informed decisions.
There is evidence to suggest that conversing via a video link is extremely tiring...

You know what it's like talking to someone via video, it becomes quite tiring after a while. You find yourself becoming fixated on your own expression; you develop a headache; your neck hurts as you try to maintain a posture. Or is this just me? There is evidence to suggest that conversing via a video link is extremely tiring due to its poor sound quality; you must concentrate that much harder to keep up, even if this is a subliminal effort.

That all being said, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and WhatsApp have all been invaluable in making it possible for the recruitment process to carry on, albeit only up to the client/ candidate face-to-face.

It is clear that in these uncertain times, video calling has become the primary communication tool for many businesses, and I believe it will continue to be so when we finally settle back into the ‘new normal'. Although, I have found this new way to do business initially challenging, I certainly intend to embrace it as a tool. Recording of interviews with candidates will enhance the presentation of them to employers, for example. I appreciate the gains offered, in terms of immediacy, and closing the gap between myself, clients and candidates from around the world.

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