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Thoughts on the Lockdown - Part 2 Video Calls Thoughts on the Lockdown - Part 2 Video Calls It is fair to say that a lot of these positions would have been filled by now, if candidates and clients could have had the opportunity to meet face-to-face. Video calls are useful, but, in a way, it’s like looking at each other through a narrow tube; the constricted views and less than clear speech and the necessity to abide by voice procedure (not talking over each other) doesn’t lead to a natural conversation – people don’t have full access to the signals and cues that give a fuller picture (literally) of the other person. And, of course, there is no opportunity for a candidate to look around an employer's premises and meet future co-workers. It is only after this essential step, that hirers and candidates have the insight they need to make informed decisions. ... Read more →

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