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Newsletter - September 2021

Newsletter - September 2021

Latest news and updates - September 2021A warm welcome to our September Newsletter. We can only apologise for not updating you in August - things have been rather busy here of late.In this edition we would like to take a moment to illustrate the unique contribution NDT Resources can make to your NDT recruitment process. Whereas other recruiters may take a broad brush approach, we find, the devil is always in the detail...Find me a Needle in a Haystack…We were approached by a former client of ours to find a long-term NDT contractor for them – they were having significant difficulty.... Read more →
Newsletter - June 2021

Newsletter - June 2021

A warm welcome to our June Newsletter.This month, we at NDT Resources would like to show our support for upcoming Armed Forces Day on 26th June 2021, by championing those ex-Service men and women who have skilfully transitioned into the world of commercial NDT.Enjoy reading, and remember we are experts in NDT recruitment, so if you want to let someone else to take the load of finding new NDT staff, do contact our Technical Director, Paul Morgan, for a confidential no obligation chat on +44 (0)1793 200169. Additionally, I would love to hear your comments about anything within this edition or suggestions for future inclusion. Please send them to: Read more →

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