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Want To Get Into Aerospace?

Want To Get Into Aerospace?

NDT Technicians, or those new to the industry: want to get into the aerospace sector but not sure how?Although it was on its knees, aerospace is taking off again (excuse the pun) and resuming its growth in OEM (manufacturers) and MRO facilities (maintenance, repair and overhaul) around the world. I've put together a little technical guide for those who are interested, and it goes as follows:Where to target your training Most aircraft fuselage and flying control surfaces are now made of composite materials (CFRP). There is a real shortage of Ultrasonic and Radiography (UT & RT) technicians who understand how composite parts are manufactured and thus what faults may be inherent during manufacture and in service use. So, I would recommend getting into this area. This would also be a springboard into Formula 1.... Read more →

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