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Newsletter - March 2021

Newsletter - March 2021

Hello everyone and welcome to March's newsletter. I am excited to announce the imminent launch of our new website and I return to a theme that has been uppermost in my mind for over a year – the changes to IR35 Rules.Enjoy reading, and remember we are experts in NDT recruitment, so if you want to let someone else to take the load of finding new NDT staff, do contact our Technical Director, Paul Morgan, for a confidential, no obligation chat on +44 (0)1793 200169Or drop him a line at: Read more →

Limited Company Contractors, Are You Ready for the Proposed Changes in IR35* Rules?

The change has already occurred in the Public Sector, what I'm talking about here is HMRC's intention to extend it to the Private Sector - where most of you work.From April 2021 the IR35 Rules for individuals engaged through personal service companies (you) are changing. The important change for you is that the responsibility for determining whether you operate 'inside' or 'outside' of IR35, will no longer rest with you as Director of your PSC. However, guidance on how you may contest this decision is included in the link to the factsheet below.... Read more →

Thoughts on the Lockdown - Part 2 Video Calls Thoughts on the Lockdown - Part 2 Video Calls It is fair to say that a lot of these positions would have been filled by now, if candidates and clients could have had the opportunity to meet face-to-face. Video calls are useful, but, in a way, it’s like looking at each other through a narrow tube; the constricted views and less than clear speech and the necessity to abide by voice procedure (not talking over each other) doesn’t lead to a natural conversation – people don’t have full access to the signals and cues that give a fuller picture (literally) of the other person. And, of course, there is no opportunity for a candidate to look around an employer's premises and meet future co-workers. It is only after this essential step, that hirers and candidates have the insight they need to make informed decisions. ... Read more →

Newsletter - September 2020

Latest news and updates - September 2020 Warm welcome to our September Newsletter. It's hard to believe but it really is September. The kids are back to school, in the new socially-distanced reality and travel arrangements can be made easier now, allowing our NDT personnel to move and start their new job placements that we arranged for them over the last few months. In this edition of our monthly update we share with you our recent experience of finding someone to lead Global NDT Equipment Sales for a client in Norway and answer some frequently asked questions about NDT recruitment. Enjoy reading and if you want to let someone else to take the load and who understands NDT, then please feel free to contact our Technical Director, Paul Morgan, for a confidential, no obligation chat on +44 (0)1793 200169 Our fees are really quite reasonable! ... Read more →

Newsletter - July 2020

Latest news and updates - July 2020 Warm welcome to our July Newsletter. This month we feel that life is slowly taking a more normal pace. We are back to the office and we are keeping busy with new projects and never-ending conversations. Some of those we are sharing with you here, so read on! As always we have some jobs available for you to look at and to apply to should you find them of interest. Or perhaps you may know someone who would be a suitable candidate, in which case please spread the word. In any case, if you want to know more, feel free to contact Paul Morgan on +44 (0)1793 200169 for an informal chat. ... Read more →

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